Single Family


Tyco has 35+ years of experience managing and operating residential rental real estate. Tyco’s management and property expertise is perfect for those looking for a company to manage tenants, maintenance of the property, and the peace of mind knowing that it is all taken care of. Our affordable rates, knowledgeable staff, and trusted reputation will help you decide that Tyco is perfect for your San Diego residential property management.


Our property and asset management responsibilities include:


  • A full service property management company that balances the value of the asset while optimizing net operating income
  • Establishment of preventive maintenance programs
  • Preparation and analysis of the property’s financial and operating reports
  • Preparation, presentation and implementation of the property’s annual operating budget
  • Ensuring compliance with government and environmental regulations
  • Insurance


  • Perform economic analysis and prepare projections, reports and recommendations
  • Maintain owner’s books in accordance with Generally Accepting Account Principles
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of the strategy for the project
  • Coordinate marketing, advertising and promotion
  • Provide single source accountability for performance of all aspects of the project