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Residential Property & Asset Management

It can be easy to get overwhelmed having to maintain every aspect of your rental property. However, when you take advantage of our comprehensive tenant services, you’ll have a stronger chance of turning a profit, all the while saving yourself time, money and a series of headaches down the line. We’re prepared to develop a one-of-a-kind property management plan fit your unique needs.

You can count on our team for a variety of property management services, including:

Ongoing Communication

Our team will provide you with a secure online account to keep you up to date with information about property activity, including vacancies, leasing, maintenance, inspections and financial reports.

 In addition, our team of highly trained staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our tenant services and work with you to get the best return on your investment.

Pre-Renting Planning

Before we market and advertise your rental property, our experts will also advise you in two important areas:

Comprehensive Multi-Channel Marketing & Advertising

Professional management costs are easily offset by shorter vacancy times.

We’ll advertise your property on high traffic rental and classified websites and social media sites to ensure your property makes as many impressions as possible as we search for prospective tenants.

In addition, our experienced leasing agents respond promptly to inquiries, inform prospective tenants about your property, and work to showcase it in the best possible light.​

Thorough Tenant Screening & Selection

Every tenant application is evaluated based on credit, employment verification, and residency/rental history. At our leasing service, our thorough screening complies with all applicable laws, including Fair Housing and Fair Credit Reporting Act. When we have found a qualified tenant, we schedule lease signing

Full-Scale Leasing Service

Your leasing agent manages the lease signing with the approved tenant, using our professionally prepared California Association of Realtors lease, and ensures that all proper contracts are executed, rents, deposits, and any fees are collected in accordance with local legal and financial regulations and recorded in your online account.

Finally, the leasing agent and approved tenant conduct a walk-through to document property conditions.

This important walk-through assists in accurately assessing any changes in conditions when the tenant moves out.​

Regular Evaluations

Professional evaluations of your property both inside and out are beneficial to ensure tenants are complying with the terms of their lease and to assess property conditions. 

Part of our property management services, we typically conduct move-in, periodic, and move-out evaluations. 

These evaluations assist in resolving tenant issues that may potentially arise in the future.

Cost-Effective, Reliable Maintenance

Property maintenance is a necessary expense when you own rental property. 

The return on your investment can be significantly impacted without timely, cost-effective repairs and upkeep.

 When handled by us, you’ll save time and money and ensure your repairs are handled effectively by trustworthy maintenance personnel. 

Our office has an extensive network of contractors and vendors to handle property maintenance and repair work.

Strict and Compliant Evictions

Our team is extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord/tenant laws(INCLUDING RENT CONTROL).

 If the tenant does not pay rent on time or breaches the terms of the lease, we take the proper legal steps to minimize your costs and get the property leased again. 

Comprehensive Accounting

To keep track of your income and expenses we use a centralized accounting system.

This all-inclusive accounting and reporting system, backed with itemized statements that keeps all your property management financial information organized in one place.

As your dedicated property management team, our goal is to make your life as a property owner easier. By taking an individualized approach to tenant services and keeping open communications with your renters, we’ll help to take some the more stressful aspects of property off of you. Making sure these things are taken care of is all part of the way we provide property owners with the peace of mind they deserve.